Saturday, July 30, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 - The Spectaculars 1

The spectaculars started with a bump. It was pretty boring actually. The characters were flat except for Fat Kampung Rocker. Last year, I remembered that Jac stamped her superiority on the show from the first day. This time, there wuz nobody outstanding yet.

There was a guest judge, Nora, whom I didn’t find particularly interesting in her comments. Most of the time it was a case of “Dunno say wut”. She must have caught Fauziah Latiff’s disease.

Okay, here’s the roundup.

Atilia : Sang a fast number. The voice was okay. But she looked like a Frumpy Housewife trying to be a singer. She just couldn’t groove.
Roslan said “Menakutkan.”
Kak Jee said, “Colour and cutting is important.” Yes she said that!
Nora – Dunno say what.
Paul said, “Can do so much better.”

Ash : Not so good. I didn’t know what he was singing about.
Roslan said “Tiada suara rock. Tak elok.”
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora – Dunno say what.
Paul said, “Must have bought a ‘Rockstar for Dummies’ book. If all things were equal, you should be out after this.”

Azam : Better than his last performance, but still boring for me.
Roslan said “No regrets in choosing you.”
Kak Jee said, “Boleh tahan.”
Nora said, “Suka style awak.”
Paul said, “Not bad.”

Trish : Good try. But I wasn’t blown away. Sassy Groove Mama didn’t use her full capacity.
Roslan didn’t like her clothes. (White suit)
Kak Jee said, “Put more attitude.”
Nora said, “Memang bagus.”
Paul said, “Total rubbish.Boring and dumb.”

Adam : He was almost seductive. And he looked directly at the TV cameras. The crowd loved it.
Roslan said, “Tiada appeal.”
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Character jantan sikit.” Goodness. You mean that everybody knows that he’s unmanly?
Paul said, “Had a cheeky element. Not bad.”

Farah : The beginning was pitchy and out of tune. She got better at the end.
Roslan said, “Okay, tapi tak cukup.”
At this stage, Paul started to disagree with Roslan by saying, “How could she do more than that for the last 30 seconds?” That was pretty rude of Paul to jump in when he should have waited his turn. Didn’t his teacher taught him the golden rule?
What an idiot! Oooops. That wasn’t appropriate. I should say, “What a fucking idiot!”
That’s better. Heaps.
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Semua ada. Lebih ‘feel’ lagi.”
When it came to Paul’s turn again, the idiot said, “Beginning a bit dodgy……pitching……..middle to end, okay.”

Ejay : I liked it moderately. The diction is totally out though.
Roslan said, “Saya tak paham apa you nyanyi.” The problem with Roslan is that you have to sing very very slowly to make him understand anything.
Kak Jee said, “Groove must be there.”
Nora said, “Pronunciation needs improvement.”
Paul said, “Mumbling bumbling out of tune.”

Faizull : I enjoyed it. But I found Fat Kampung Rocker’s half-crouching position to be a bit of a put-off. His dancing was rather rural.
Roslan said, “Tolong jangan buat ice skating macam ini.” He was referring to one of Faizull’s dance movements, which was a bit odd.
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Ada semangat, memang rock.” I think Nora is here to make polite noises only.
Paul said, “Too old school.”
Then there was the discussion with emcees Jien and Cheryl whether Faizull could do songs other than rock. I doubt it.

Daniel : I love it. There were diction problems in the singing, but the singing was easy to listen to. Wasn’t one of Baby Face Elf’s best efforts. But should be enough to make it through.
Roslan said, “…..mumbling.”
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Sedap di dengar.”
Paul said, “Very lame. Put me to sleep.”

Xerra : Aneroxic Pink Hair Girl has hair, which used to be red, but now has turned to pink. Enjoyed her singing. The dancing was better tthan most of the others but still not quite polished yet.
Roslan said, “Awak pandai.”
Kak Jee said, “Good attitude” or something. Dunno wut.
Nora said, “Okay lah.” Still polite.
Paul said, “…didn’t sing from the soul.”

Nita : Okay, polished. But I wasn’t blown away. Giraffe Genes could have done better.
Roslan : Dunno say wut
Kak Jee said, “You’ve got the style.”
Nora said, “Tinggi orang nya.”
Paul said, “Boring.”

There were no outstanding performances. Compare that to the last year’s opening Spectaculars when Jac stamped her superiority on the show with her singing. It was a Malay song, but I can’t remember what. Just from that song alone, I knew she was going to beat the other ten.

This time around, I think it will be a battle between Sassy Groove Mama and Giraffe Genes.

Who will be out in this round? Can’t tell yet. Most likely Ejay.

Will Ash be out? I don’t think so. There are voters who don’t like the judges, and will vote opposite to what the judges recommend. Those votes are most likely to flow to Ash. May just be enough to keep him till the next round.

Who am I voting? Haven’t made up my mind yet. Sassy Groove Mama and Giraffe Genes? Aneroxic Pink Hair Girl and Frumpy Housewife? I dunno yet.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 – The journey so far.

This was a special TV show last night to introduce the 11 finalists. On the programme, callers could call in to ask the judges and singers questions.

Roslan did not turn up. Kak Jee turned up wearing a red bandana on her head. She looked like a bandit queen. She should carry a sword.

The first person to call in asked the most boring and mindless question,
“What do you hope for in a Malaysian Idol?”

Look, we all know what they were hoping for, okay? Someone who could sell CDs and bring in fat profits to the TV show and the record company. This is a freaking business, dummy!

We were told that the girls Atilia, Sassy Groove Mama, and Farah shared a room. The producers made them share 3 to a room? Cheapskates.

Paul Moss then smiled into the camera. I wish he wouldn’t do that. He looked better without smiling. I reached for the bucket but didn’t puke.

One caller said that she watched the show because of Paul Moss. I reached for the bucket again. But mercifully my self control was good.

Oh yeah, somebody asked about Lee Kar Wei. Paul said that Kar Wei didn’t measure up in terms of originality and style. He said that Kar Wei was already singing at 95 % of her capability, and there was not much more she could improve. That was a most idiotic thing to say.

Kar Wei is only 17 years old. How could it be possible to reach 95% at 17 years of age? Don’t fucking talk to me about figures, Paul, coz I’m better at it now than you could ever be in another 50 years!

The man was so full of shit that he needed a sewerage truck all to himself last night!

Did you guys hear Cheryl Samad say “Hallo”? It sounded more like “Halleaou.” If this is a whole new game, then I want in. Yeah, I’ll also be coining my own words from now on. Just for this show.

Fat kampung Rocker was there. He looked neater, and was still as entertaining as before.

Oh, you may have noticed that I got the Haloscan commenting system now. The previous Blogger commenting system was driving me nuts. Almost half of the visitors signed in as “Anonymous”. And I couldn’t tell one anonymous from another. If you wish to leave a comment and support your favourite singer, you may do so. But please use a nick(name) instead of being “Anonymous”. We don't want to be more confused than we already are, do we?

On another note, this site is now the top search result for Malaysian Idol on MSN Search. Whoa! Steady, man!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

My other blog

No update yet for this blog.

Go and read my other inane bullshit blog instead. I better warn you about the 18-SX rating for that site. It's not obscene, but definitely for the classy broadminded.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Results of Wildcard Show.

I didn't vote in the Wildcard Show. I just did not feel passionate enough about any of the performers to vote.

Last night, the winners were announced.

Judges' choice went to Wooden Face Azam. The reason the choice went to Azam and not Liza was because of sex, I guess. Liza definitely can outsing Azam. But there are already 6 girls in the finals, and the show producers probably thought that too many girls would make the finals unbalanced.

Voters' choice went to Adam.

I do not agree with any of the choices, but because I did not vote, I do not have a moral right to rant. So, I'll just be a good little boy and accept whatever Strepsil-deprived frog they put up.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Wildcard show

Six contestants are fighting for the last two places in the finals. It was not that interesting as those 6 were rejects from previous rounds.

For some reason, there were only two judges in the Wildcard Show. Kak Jee(Fauziah Latifff) was missing. Where were you, Kak Jee? Something better to do with your time? Well, me too. But I spent it watching your boring wildcard show. Like any loyal fan.

Here are my comments.

Fauzi: Earlier he said that he would sing as though he was singing to his mom. His voice was good but the song delivery had insufficient emotion to it.
Roslan said, “Susah dapat votes.”
Paul said, “Atrocious. Sang like a half inflated balloon.”
Tell me what a fully inflated balloon would sound like, Paul? Apart from “Bang!”?

Adam: Gave a polished performance. But lacked a certain oomph and star quality. Okay but boring.
Roslan said, “Awak menyany bagus.”
Paul said, “No intensity. You looked stiff.”

Aesar: Gave a more vibrant attempt than his previous outing. But jerky. Not really fun to watch.
Roslan said, “Masih tak puas hati. Rileks sikit
Paul said, “You’re singing as if you’re concentrating on body movement. ”

Kash: It was a boring song. And the voice quality was lacking. He sounded like one of those bad radio commercials.
Roslan said, “Macam kari kepala ikan tanpa garam. ”
Actually, to me it was more like “Macam kari kepala ikan tanpa kari.
Paul said, “Three words for you; pitching, pitching and pitching.”
Actually, that was only one word, Paul.

Hair To Butt a.k.a. Lisa: This girl had hair so long that it covered her butt. Had a big sultry voice. Sang a Toni Braxton number. Good performance. But mumbled some of her words at the beginning.
Roslan said, “Jangan kolong perkataan
Paul said, “Sang it pretty well.”

Adam: This was the guy that Kak Jee previously said should be more manly. That was a very astute observation from Kak Jee. He gave a good polished performance. No spontaneity in his movements. Thus it didn’t move me.
Roslan said, “Enak sekali.”
Paul said, “It was cabaret. It looked rehearsed. It looked fake. Not connecting.”
Paul is right. The girls won’t be voting for him again.

My choice?
The best performance of the night was by Hair To Butt. I think she will get in. Not to vote her in would be unfair. I have not made up my mind how the other vote should go. All the guys were just plain boring. Most likely I’ll give it to Fauzi because I liked his voice and stage character. And the fact that he thinks highly of his mum. But still, I think he made a mistake by singing as if he was singing to his mum. You can’t work up an emotional intensity by doing shit like that. He should have sung as though he was in the shower singing to his soapy balls. Works for me. Everytime.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Results of Workshop 3

I voted for Trish, Daniel and Farah. The line was difficult to get through on Sunday evening. Too many last minute voters, I guess.

At the results show, the judges were asked to forecast the results. All three judges forecasted Trish, Daniel and Farah.

For once, the judges were able to see things the right way, which is my way.

And the winners are:

Sassy Groove Mama a.k.a. Trish
Kiddy Face Elf a.k.a. Daniel

Isn’t it beautiful when everybody sees things my way?
That is the way the world should be run. Ahem.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Workshop 3

I’m a busy man. Better believe it. I was so darn busy that by the time I got to the TV, the show had already started. So I missed the start and the first song. Damn!

Intan: Did not hear her sing, but the short truncated sound clip sounded okay to me. Will try to catch the Sunday repeat. Or read the comments in somebody else’s blog.

Yasir: I wasn’t impressed by that one. I didn’t catch what the judges said about him as my attention was elsewhere.

Kash: Again, not impressed. Too much note bending. Although Roslan and Kak Jee said that it was a good try, Paul said that there were a lot of mistakes.

Trish: Sassy Groove Chick got the audience in the mood to par-tay. Definitely the best performance for the evening. Should be good enough to make it to the next round. The judges sounded happy enough with her.

Aesah: Some Botak Guy with more hair on the chin than on the scalp. Didn’t like the performance. It was like listening to peas straining themselves through a mesh.
Roslan and Kak Jee said, “Not satisfactory”
Paul blamed it on the bad song choice.

Farah: Nice tone to her voice. But I think it lacks a certain oomph. But she’s definitely better than many of the other performers.
Roslan was not very impressed. Kak Jee said, “Style-kan lagi your performance.” This is one of those times that I don’t quite know what she meant by that. How does one style-kan the singing? I know you can style-kan your hair though. That woman must have been confused with something else.
Paul said, “I liked it. Not bad.”
I forgot to mention that Farah was pretty. Of course Paul would like it! Was there ever any doubt?

Farish: The performance was pitchy and boring. I couldn’t wait for the song to end.
Roslan said, “Hancur.”
Kak Jee said, “Kurang berpuas hati.”
Paul said, “Totally tragic. Diabolical song choice. Disaster.”

Daniel: He sang a difficult song. I liked the voice. Kiddy Face Elf will garner female fans, because he looks cute and doesn’t sound too bad.
Roslan said, “I’m disappointed.”
Kak Jee said, “Love your voice.”
Paul said, “Doesn’t matter what we say. I think we’ll be seeing you.”

Here are my picks:
Kiddy Face Elf and Sassy Groove Chick get my votes for the first two slots. As for the third slot, I’ll probably give it to Farah.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Results of Workshop 2

And the winners are

Ejay – I’m glad she got through
Ash – I’m not surprised, although the judges were
Nita – Giraffe Genes was practically a shoo-in

I voted for both Ejay and Giraffe Genes. Although I was deciding between Ash and Adam, I ended up not voting for either of them.

M.I. judges, Roslan and Kak Jee, were surprised that Ash got through and not Adam. It was not that surprising, really. I am sure that most of those who voted were teenage girls. If you were a teenage girl, would you have voted for Adam? I think not. I did say that his slightly girlish movements would not appeal to the girls. Besides, Ash definitely looked more hip and cool, and has a better voice quality than Adam. I know the psychology of teenage girls, even though I have never been one before. Honest!

Oh yeah, the naughty streak in me enjoyed seeing the look of incomprehension on the faces of those 2 judges.


The look of pure dumb incomprehension.


Paul did not seem disappointed at all about the results. He did mention that viewers voted on things such as personality rather than base everything on the performance alone. He was right. How did you think someone like Fat Kampung Rocker, with his supertight jeans, got through the previous week? That one was not a singer. But definitely an entertaining character.

Two workshops over, one more to go.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Workshop 2

I didn’t think that Workshop 2 was better than Workshop 1. There were no weird characters who stood out and most of the singing was a tad boring.

Ash - Pleasant enough to listen to. But not that exceptional. Has the disadvantage of being the first one on the stage.
Roslan said, “It didn’t take off.”
Kak Jee said something forgettable.
Paul said, “Disaster.”

Suria - Her singing almost put me to sleep.
Roslan said, “Lack of originality.”
Kak Jee said, “Latih lagi di depan cermin.” Oh come on, surely she could say something more useful than that?
Paul remarked that it was “very ordinary”.

Dianne - She sang a version of “Imagine”, the John Lennon hit. I didn’t like it.
Roslan said, “Don’t have the intensity. Not happening.”
Kak Jee asked, “What happened? Spirit is not there.”
Paul said, “Horrible.”

Jerome - One word – amateurish. I can’t believe he made it this far.
Roslan remarked “Macam tengok konsert sekolah.” Roslan was spot on this time.
Kak Jee said “Style must be right.” Seriously, what is she trying to say?
Paul said, “Horrible.”

Adam - The guy sounds okay. Easy to listen to. But I have a feeling his range is not very wide. Also, his slightly girlish movements won’t appeal to the girls. And didn’t appeal to me as well.
Roslan commented that he brought back some credibility to the contest.
Kak Jee said “Love your voice.”
Paul remarked, “Smooth. Not bad.”

Ejay – She sang a very difficult song. That was overly ambitious. But she had the ability to hit the high notes. Definitely one of the best singers in this workshop. If she gets through this round, watch out for her. But the song she sang did not come off smoothly. To be fair, I don’t think any of the other contestants could sing this particular song.
Roslan said, “You don’t have the ability to execute that kind of song.“ Spot on again, dude. I think Roslan is in top form this week.
Kak Jee said something nonsensical like “need to know more about singing.” Actually, Jee, we need to know more about what you are talking about the whole evening. You keep on speaking in an alien lingo like that and we’re gonna need an interpreter from the planet Tatooine.
Paul said, “The pitching suck at times but you’ve got talent. I hope you get through.”

Azam – Better looking than Adam. He picked an easy song. The song was well executed but uninspiring. More like karaoke.
Roslan said, “Nyanyi biasa.”
Kak Jee said, “Good try.” Does that mean she was impressed or not? I think we’re gonna need that Tatooine interpreter after all.
Paul remarked, “That really put me to sleep.” It wasn’t that bad, Paul.

Nita - This girl is tall and lanky. Small chested. Pleasant enough to look at, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. She’s a club singer and has a fairly good voice.
Roslan said, “You have a good style.”
Kak Jee said, “Nita boleh pergi jauh. Gorgeous. Stunning.”
Paul said, “Not bad.”

While Nita was standing in between the two co-hosts Cheryl and Jien later, I noticed that she was taller than Jien. I also noticed that Cheryl’s left hand kept patting Nita’s butt. They should have TV cameras at the back. That ought to be interesting.

My three choices for this batch?
Ejay and Nita obviously have more talent than the rest.
My third slot will go to a guy. Either Ash or Adam. Although Adam may have performed better in this round, Ash has the more appealing voice quality. Will decide later.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Results of Workshop 1

And the winners are

Atilia – no surprise
Fat Kampung Rocker – some surprise
Anorexic Red haired Girl – very big surprise

M.I. judge, Roslan, who was obviously surprised by the results, recovered sufficiently to give us the usual diplomatic bullshit on how Malaysians are voting for talent. Kak Jee, also surprised, made the usual tactful noises.

Only Paul said that some of the better singers on Friday were sitting on the sofa(meaning voted out). Which is true. I think Paul is the only honest one tonight.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Workshop 1

This group of 8 contestants are fighting for 3 places in the finals. Not an impressive bunch I must say.

The judges were Roslan, Kak Jee and Paul; same as previously. What’s with Kak Jee and the striped bandage on her head? She looked like she’s trying to recover from a splitting headache. I’ve seen Handyplast that looked better. Talk about bad fashion sense.

Okay, bring on the contestants already!

Norsila – not impressive. Just a pretty face and nothing much else. Paul remarked, “That was pretty awful.”

Shone – soft voiced and not dynamic. “Tak sedap langsung,” said Roslan. You could say the same about Roslan.

Faizul (Fat Kampung Boy) – Came on stage with jeans too tight. His performance was not all that great. Paul called him the love child of Joan Jett and Amy Search.

Atilia – the first good voice we heard tonight. Jee said she had the power. Paul made a mindless statement, “No record company is going to give you a record deal based on your looks.” Oh, really? Shades of Kar Wei. I’m starting to think that Paul read my recent rant. There’s more coming your way, Paul.

Fauzi – good power, nice voice. I think Roslan and Jee were wrong in their adverse comments. Paul said, “Pitching problems, otherwise good performance.”

Lisa – This girl was out of tune. She had nice waist long hair that reached down over her butt. Must have taken a long time to grow it. Like me, the judges were not impressed with her singing.

Faizal – Sweet voice. Good performance. But the judges did not think so. I think the judges were wrong on this one.

Xerra (Anorexic Red Haired Girl) – Her performance was uninspiring. Roslan said, “Saya amat kecewa.” Jee said something forgettable. Paul said, “You shrunk away!” Maybe it’s the serious lack of food.

If you’re voting, the SMS vote number is 33722. Just type ‘VOTE name’.

My preferences for tonight?

Atilia, Fauzi and Faizal.