Saturday, July 23, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Wildcard show

Six contestants are fighting for the last two places in the finals. It was not that interesting as those 6 were rejects from previous rounds.

For some reason, there were only two judges in the Wildcard Show. Kak Jee(Fauziah Latifff) was missing. Where were you, Kak Jee? Something better to do with your time? Well, me too. But I spent it watching your boring wildcard show. Like any loyal fan.

Here are my comments.

Fauzi: Earlier he said that he would sing as though he was singing to his mom. His voice was good but the song delivery had insufficient emotion to it.
Roslan said, “Susah dapat votes.”
Paul said, “Atrocious. Sang like a half inflated balloon.”
Tell me what a fully inflated balloon would sound like, Paul? Apart from “Bang!”?

Adam: Gave a polished performance. But lacked a certain oomph and star quality. Okay but boring.
Roslan said, “Awak menyany bagus.”
Paul said, “No intensity. You looked stiff.”

Aesar: Gave a more vibrant attempt than his previous outing. But jerky. Not really fun to watch.
Roslan said, “Masih tak puas hati. Rileks sikit
Paul said, “You’re singing as if you’re concentrating on body movement. ”

Kash: It was a boring song. And the voice quality was lacking. He sounded like one of those bad radio commercials.
Roslan said, “Macam kari kepala ikan tanpa garam. ”
Actually, to me it was more like “Macam kari kepala ikan tanpa kari.
Paul said, “Three words for you; pitching, pitching and pitching.”
Actually, that was only one word, Paul.

Hair To Butt a.k.a. Lisa: This girl had hair so long that it covered her butt. Had a big sultry voice. Sang a Toni Braxton number. Good performance. But mumbled some of her words at the beginning.
Roslan said, “Jangan kolong perkataan
Paul said, “Sang it pretty well.”

Adam: This was the guy that Kak Jee previously said should be more manly. That was a very astute observation from Kak Jee. He gave a good polished performance. No spontaneity in his movements. Thus it didn’t move me.
Roslan said, “Enak sekali.”
Paul said, “It was cabaret. It looked rehearsed. It looked fake. Not connecting.”
Paul is right. The girls won’t be voting for him again.

My choice?
The best performance of the night was by Hair To Butt. I think she will get in. Not to vote her in would be unfair. I have not made up my mind how the other vote should go. All the guys were just plain boring. Most likely I’ll give it to Fauzi because I liked his voice and stage character. And the fact that he thinks highly of his mum. But still, I think he made a mistake by singing as if he was singing to his mum. You can’t work up an emotional intensity by doing shit like that. He should have sung as though he was in the shower singing to his soapy balls. Works for me. Everytime.