Friday, July 01, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Workshop 1

This group of 8 contestants are fighting for 3 places in the finals. Not an impressive bunch I must say.

The judges were Roslan, Kak Jee and Paul; same as previously. What’s with Kak Jee and the striped bandage on her head? She looked like she’s trying to recover from a splitting headache. I’ve seen Handyplast that looked better. Talk about bad fashion sense.

Okay, bring on the contestants already!

Norsila – not impressive. Just a pretty face and nothing much else. Paul remarked, “That was pretty awful.”

Shone – soft voiced and not dynamic. “Tak sedap langsung,” said Roslan. You could say the same about Roslan.

Faizul (Fat Kampung Boy) – Came on stage with jeans too tight. His performance was not all that great. Paul called him the love child of Joan Jett and Amy Search.

Atilia – the first good voice we heard tonight. Jee said she had the power. Paul made a mindless statement, “No record company is going to give you a record deal based on your looks.” Oh, really? Shades of Kar Wei. I’m starting to think that Paul read my recent rant. There’s more coming your way, Paul.

Fauzi – good power, nice voice. I think Roslan and Jee were wrong in their adverse comments. Paul said, “Pitching problems, otherwise good performance.”

Lisa – This girl was out of tune. She had nice waist long hair that reached down over her butt. Must have taken a long time to grow it. Like me, the judges were not impressed with her singing.

Faizal – Sweet voice. Good performance. But the judges did not think so. I think the judges were wrong on this one.

Xerra (Anorexic Red Haired Girl) – Her performance was uninspiring. Roslan said, “Saya amat kecewa.” Jee said something forgettable. Paul said, “You shrunk away!” Maybe it’s the serious lack of food.

If you’re voting, the SMS vote number is 33722. Just type ‘VOTE name’.

My preferences for tonight?

Atilia, Fauzi and Faizal.