Friday, June 10, 2005

Malaysian Idol Season 2 - Penang Auditions

The guy with the yellow shorts is back for another try. Remember Chris the masseuse who took part in the MI audition last year? He was so cute slapping his ass while doing his routine. This year he tried again, but this time without the yellow shorts, and he was boring. It just wasn’t fun anymore. Come back next year, Chris. And bring your yellow shorts next time. We miss the ass slapping.

Heard Paul said on TV:
“You’re the singing version of a hangover.”
“…..a human sleeping pill.”

Oh, there was one participant who was the previous Asia Bagus winner in 1996. She made it through although the judges were not totally impressed. They gave her a chance. Watching her sing is like watching sorrow pouring out of her lungs. She should be more relaxed. She may have gotten through this round but I don’t think she will make the finals.

One guy with a numb wooden expression rendered the song “Let it be”. Did I just typed “rendered”? It should be “murdered”. Paul wasn’t amused, and said, “You got the audacity to come here and destroy a classic Beatles song. You got some nerve, man.”

Yet another boy tried to sing the song “Gemilang”. Teruk betul. Paul told him that he sang like a hamster. Actually it was more like a hamster lullaby

Nobody looked interesting to me. Except for one slim chick called Nita. Actually she was more thin than slim. She is a café singer. And yeah, she got in.

The next auditions will be in KL.