Monday, June 20, 2005

Malaysian Idol Season 2 - KL Auditions

The KL auditions have shown the highest standards among the four auditions so far.

One girl sang the song “Masquarade.” She was nice to listen to. Yeah, she made it to the next round.

There was a rocker this time that got in. He sounded a bit like the Scorpions - high and shrill.

There was a guy who kept calling the M.I. judge Paul by another name; “Peter”. He wasn’t that good. So he didn’t get in.

A pretty girl called Emily sang. I thought she was good enough to make it to the next round. Roslan and Jee didn’t think so. But Paul thought she was good enough. I have to agree with Paul on this one. Emily was better than some of the earlier contestants who got in.

Paul said this to another participant, “You can’t sing to save your life.” Oh come on, just a simple “No” would have been sufficient.

A guy came on and sang the oldie hit “Sway”. Jee and Paul outvoted Roslan and he got in. He got in and he was not even as good as Emily!

Roslan lost his cool over one girl who lived near him. Her singing was atrocious. Sounded like strangling a cat with a sore throat. She refused to leave after singing.
Paul said, “Completely awful!”
Jee said, “Nyanyi tak bagus.
Roslan said, “Keluar.” Yup, the guy lost his cool.

Look, if you want to get rid of somebody who has overstayed their welcome, you should at lest hire security personnel for that sort of thing.

There was a cute girl who came on and sang “Zombie”. It wasn’t good but still, it was fun to watch. She was like a wound up doll. At the end, Paul asked her, “Do you have a key at the back?”

Her friend, a boy came up next to sing “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”. Weird choice of song for a guy, definitely. I hope he isn’t hinting that he’s going for a sex change operation. The song had all the judges in stitches. The guy remarked to Paul, “All you do is talk trash about people.” Way to go!

Oh, there was a Michael Jackson impersonator who sang “Billie Jean”. He was so out of tune that I thought he was singing something else. He did move a bit like Michael Jackson. In fact, I wish I can move like him.

We can’t end this post without mentioning this other odd character, a short nerdy Chinese boy who’s singing was clearly bad. He didn’t think highly of the judging and muttered in Hokkien on TV:
Tooi chu khoon lah!
(Go back home and sleep lah!)
A lot of his comments were censored out. Heard this one though:
Mai hor wa kuah teoh. Kuah jit tau pak jit tau.”
(Don’t let me see. See one time, whack one time.)
That was hilarious, coming from the nerd.