Saturday, July 09, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Workshop 2

I didn’t think that Workshop 2 was better than Workshop 1. There were no weird characters who stood out and most of the singing was a tad boring.

Ash - Pleasant enough to listen to. But not that exceptional. Has the disadvantage of being the first one on the stage.
Roslan said, “It didn’t take off.”
Kak Jee said something forgettable.
Paul said, “Disaster.”

Suria - Her singing almost put me to sleep.
Roslan said, “Lack of originality.”
Kak Jee said, “Latih lagi di depan cermin.” Oh come on, surely she could say something more useful than that?
Paul remarked that it was “very ordinary”.

Dianne - She sang a version of “Imagine”, the John Lennon hit. I didn’t like it.
Roslan said, “Don’t have the intensity. Not happening.”
Kak Jee asked, “What happened? Spirit is not there.”
Paul said, “Horrible.”

Jerome - One word – amateurish. I can’t believe he made it this far.
Roslan remarked “Macam tengok konsert sekolah.” Roslan was spot on this time.
Kak Jee said “Style must be right.” Seriously, what is she trying to say?
Paul said, “Horrible.”

Adam - The guy sounds okay. Easy to listen to. But I have a feeling his range is not very wide. Also, his slightly girlish movements won’t appeal to the girls. And didn’t appeal to me as well.
Roslan commented that he brought back some credibility to the contest.
Kak Jee said “Love your voice.”
Paul remarked, “Smooth. Not bad.”

Ejay – She sang a very difficult song. That was overly ambitious. But she had the ability to hit the high notes. Definitely one of the best singers in this workshop. If she gets through this round, watch out for her. But the song she sang did not come off smoothly. To be fair, I don’t think any of the other contestants could sing this particular song.
Roslan said, “You don’t have the ability to execute that kind of song.“ Spot on again, dude. I think Roslan is in top form this week.
Kak Jee said something nonsensical like “need to know more about singing.” Actually, Jee, we need to know more about what you are talking about the whole evening. You keep on speaking in an alien lingo like that and we’re gonna need an interpreter from the planet Tatooine.
Paul said, “The pitching suck at times but you’ve got talent. I hope you get through.”

Azam – Better looking than Adam. He picked an easy song. The song was well executed but uninspiring. More like karaoke.
Roslan said, “Nyanyi biasa.”
Kak Jee said, “Good try.” Does that mean she was impressed or not? I think we’re gonna need that Tatooine interpreter after all.
Paul remarked, “That really put me to sleep.” It wasn’t that bad, Paul.

Nita - This girl is tall and lanky. Small chested. Pleasant enough to look at, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. She’s a club singer and has a fairly good voice.
Roslan said, “You have a good style.”
Kak Jee said, “Nita boleh pergi jauh. Gorgeous. Stunning.”
Paul said, “Not bad.”

While Nita was standing in between the two co-hosts Cheryl and Jien later, I noticed that she was taller than Jien. I also noticed that Cheryl’s left hand kept patting Nita’s butt. They should have TV cameras at the back. That ought to be interesting.

My three choices for this batch?
Ejay and Nita obviously have more talent than the rest.
My third slot will go to a guy. Either Ash or Adam. Although Adam may have performed better in this round, Ash has the more appealing voice quality. Will decide later.