Monday, July 11, 2005

Results of Workshop 2

And the winners are

Ejay – I’m glad she got through
Ash – I’m not surprised, although the judges were
Nita – Giraffe Genes was practically a shoo-in

I voted for both Ejay and Giraffe Genes. Although I was deciding between Ash and Adam, I ended up not voting for either of them.

M.I. judges, Roslan and Kak Jee, were surprised that Ash got through and not Adam. It was not that surprising, really. I am sure that most of those who voted were teenage girls. If you were a teenage girl, would you have voted for Adam? I think not. I did say that his slightly girlish movements would not appeal to the girls. Besides, Ash definitely looked more hip and cool, and has a better voice quality than Adam. I know the psychology of teenage girls, even though I have never been one before. Honest!

Oh yeah, the naughty streak in me enjoyed seeing the look of incomprehension on the faces of those 2 judges.


The look of pure dumb incomprehension.


Paul did not seem disappointed at all about the results. He did mention that viewers voted on things such as personality rather than base everything on the performance alone. He was right. How did you think someone like Fat Kampung Rocker, with his supertight jeans, got through the previous week? That one was not a singer. But definitely an entertaining character.

Two workshops over, one more to go.