Saturday, July 16, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Workshop 3

I’m a busy man. Better believe it. I was so darn busy that by the time I got to the TV, the show had already started. So I missed the start and the first song. Damn!

Intan: Did not hear her sing, but the short truncated sound clip sounded okay to me. Will try to catch the Sunday repeat. Or read the comments in somebody else’s blog.

Yasir: I wasn’t impressed by that one. I didn’t catch what the judges said about him as my attention was elsewhere.

Kash: Again, not impressed. Too much note bending. Although Roslan and Kak Jee said that it was a good try, Paul said that there were a lot of mistakes.

Trish: Sassy Groove Chick got the audience in the mood to par-tay. Definitely the best performance for the evening. Should be good enough to make it to the next round. The judges sounded happy enough with her.

Aesah: Some Botak Guy with more hair on the chin than on the scalp. Didn’t like the performance. It was like listening to peas straining themselves through a mesh.
Roslan and Kak Jee said, “Not satisfactory”
Paul blamed it on the bad song choice.

Farah: Nice tone to her voice. But I think it lacks a certain oomph. But she’s definitely better than many of the other performers.
Roslan was not very impressed. Kak Jee said, “Style-kan lagi your performance.” This is one of those times that I don’t quite know what she meant by that. How does one style-kan the singing? I know you can style-kan your hair though. That woman must have been confused with something else.
Paul said, “I liked it. Not bad.”
I forgot to mention that Farah was pretty. Of course Paul would like it! Was there ever any doubt?

Farish: The performance was pitchy and boring. I couldn’t wait for the song to end.
Roslan said, “Hancur.”
Kak Jee said, “Kurang berpuas hati.”
Paul said, “Totally tragic. Diabolical song choice. Disaster.”

Daniel: He sang a difficult song. I liked the voice. Kiddy Face Elf will garner female fans, because he looks cute and doesn’t sound too bad.
Roslan said, “I’m disappointed.”
Kak Jee said, “Love your voice.”
Paul said, “Doesn’t matter what we say. I think we’ll be seeing you.”

Here are my picks:
Kiddy Face Elf and Sassy Groove Chick get my votes for the first two slots. As for the third slot, I’ll probably give it to Farah.