Thursday, September 15, 2005

That stooopid preview of voting results

Last Sunday, the Malaysian Idol producers gave us a sneak preview of the bottom two in the results. And then they announced that we could still change the results. That, to me is clearly unethical.

I can only think of two theories why they would do such a thing.

The first theory was that Nita was at the bottom of the pack, and they did it to shake things up a bit to prevent Nita from getting booted out. That would imply favouritism. Is favouritism unethical for the producers? You tell me!

The second theory is that there was no favouritism and they did not much care who the fuck got booted out. But the revenue from SMSes were way below target. So they showed us the bottom two group of Nita and Faizull in the avaricious hope that it will spur their fans to send in some last minute voting to boost the coffers. That's not unethical, is that?

Whoa, hold on. Last minute voting is not an easy thing to do. The phone facilities may not be in the same shitty best for all parts of the country. If Faizull's fans in the Felda estates have to queue up in one zinc-roofed house with a working phone to vote, they will not be able to alter the results very much in the last few minutes. Nita's fans in Penang would be able to send in their votes faster than Faizull could change his underwear. You think that this is still ethical? It's more like downright despicable.

Whichever theory is true, it would still be ethically questionable to provide viewers with a preview of the voting results.

Malaysian Idol producers are in serious need of a good therapist. They have got their brains so badly screwed up that I wonder how long they have been eating shit and shitting rice.

Good grief, we know that a little greed is good. Greed keeps our economy humming. But we NEED NOT BE THAT DESPERATE! They're acting like drowning asses grasping anything that will float. There is NO FUCKING NEED to give us a preview of the voting results! If the show is floundering, and we know it is, then find some other way to rescue it!

If they carry on with this stupid preview thingy, then the more calculative ones, will just wait for the voting preview before voting.
And others, will be so pissed off that they might just stop voting altogether.

Can the show still remain viable after that?