Saturday, August 27, 2005

Malaysian Idols 2 – Spectaculars 5

This time, the theme is ‘rock’ songs. This is theme that Malaysian singers don’t seem to do well. Last year, during Malaysian Idol 1, all the singers did teruk, except for Jac. None of them have the raw edge in the voice to carry it off well. This year was not much different. I’m going to ignore most of the judges’ comments this time.

Farah: Luv her hairstyle. And her voice. But she was not convincing as a rock singer.

Adam: I dunno what it sounded like, but no, it did not sound like rock. It was just indescribable.

Nita: She came out looking like somebody from the “Matrix” movie. Didn’t move or sound like a rock singer. She has not improved at all despite all the singing and music coaches. I think she is set in her style already.
Paul said, “It is never a good idea to sing in a different key from the band. You’re in big trouble this week.”

Daniel: It was a watered down rock song. Much like a teeny-bopper version. There was no angst. As usual the girls will go goo goo ga ga over him.

Ash: Pitchy. But he was at least semi-convincing as a rock singer. However, the raw emotion was not quite there.

Faizull: He looked like some Fat Apache Red Indian Squaw from the Oonga Woonga reservation. He had the sound and style of rock. But it was odd to hear him sing in English. Faizull suffers from a kampung image. So he had to sing an English song to break out of the mold. Sadly, it did not work. Beyond the words “Not tonight” I couldn’t hear anything else. Shall I vote for him? Not tonight, darling, I got a headache.

My voting this week is not based on the singing, for the obvious disappointing reasons. It will be based on looks. Yep, giving them to Farah again.

*Sunday afternoon update*
I caught the repeat show over TV3 on Sunday. I know, I know, I ought to get a life, but I had to be home because of something so I thought I may as well watch the repeat.

My conclusions? The best two performers were Farah and Ash(surprise surprise!) The worst was Adam, Nita and Faizull. Adam had a bad flat song choice and is definitely out of his depth in rock. Faizull can't pronounce English words and should stick to Malay songs. Nita had peaked and could not improve any further. Weeks ago I had expected Nita to be the front runner. But she is looking vulnerable now and losing voice control. Daniel as usual, I dunno what he was singing, but at least his effort was not as bad as the rest. Ash surprised me this round by giving an 'okay' rendition.

Farah sang a dfficult Alanis Morisette song, was the first singer, and pulled it off without too many errors except for the body motions. Yep, she deserves my votes this week.