Saturday, August 06, 2005

Malaysian Idol: Spectculars 2

There was a guest judge tonight; a lady called Dayang. She dept parroting what Roslan and Kak Jee said, so I am not going to blog her comments.

Tonights theme is on colour, any song about colour.

Daniel sang “Somewhere over the rainbow”. That’s seven colours. It was a weak effort. He’s still having diction problems.
Roslan: “Anak yang bawa lorry.”
Kak Jee: Better than last week.
Paul: Said something about Judy Garland which I did not get. Who the heck is Judy Garland? Not a porn star obviously. Anybody can explain to me what Paul’s comment on Judy Garland was?

Nita was next. She looked casual in white slacks. She sang a Malay song and the singing was ordinary only.
R: “Biasa. Tiada creativity.”
KJ: “Overall not bad”
P: “Boring. Should have picked a different song.”
Paul made a comment that most Malay songs are boring. I agree. Malay songs suffer from having not enough composers who are daring enough to experiment. Very few songs actually stand out. Some songs, like “Gemilang” allow the singer to display a wider range of tones but these are the exceptional few. What we really need is an influx of new blood to shake things up. Cantonese songs also suffer from the same syndrome. Not only that, a lot of them sound the same.

Farah sang “Colours of the Wind”. The movement of her right hand fascinated me. Her inadequate mike work caused her song to appear soft at times. But the parts that came out well was nice to listen too.
R: “Bagus”
KJ: “Kasi Oooomph”
P: Commented unfavourably onher dress. Said that it was good for shopping in 1Utama but suitable for the stage. We learned later that it was her mum who made the dress.

Azam sang “Se kuntum mawah merah”. To me, it was polished but ordinary. Azam has a slight rasping quality to his voice which makes a lot of songs unsuitable for him. He sang with a rose, dropped it, sing a bit, picked it up, sang some more. It was so old fashion. And corny. I do not think he learned that move from his father. More like from his grandfather. Then he gave the rose to Dayang.
R: “Buat style lain.”
KJ: “Suara bagus, jelas”
Paul commented that the theatrics with the rose made him want to vomit.

Ash sang “Lady in Red”. It was easy to listen to. But his control of the voice was not that fantastic.
R: “Executed it well”
KJ: “ Much better”
P: ”Who is Ash? I still don’t get you!”
Now that is not surprising. Paul, not being very bright, tend not get a lot of things.

Xerra came next. I liked her delivery but still thing her voice is not resonating enough when compared to Farah’s.
R: “Saya suka”
KJ ; “Feel ada”
P: “You don’t have a powerful voice do you? It wasn’t bad.”

Adam came and delivered an emotional performance. He was not as bapok as he was previously.
R: “Membosankan”
KJ ; “When you go back, look for something.”
P: “I did not like it.”

Ejay tried a rock version of “Black eyed boy”
I couldn’t remember what Roslan said. But KJ said that “song does not suit your voice”. Then Paul argued with her.

Fat Kampung Rocker was last. I did not like his “ronda-ing” around on the stage. Looked like amateur karaoke to me. Paul said that there was too much posing and not enough singing.

I'm voting for Farah.