Friday, July 29, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 – The journey so far.

This was a special TV show last night to introduce the 11 finalists. On the programme, callers could call in to ask the judges and singers questions.

Roslan did not turn up. Kak Jee turned up wearing a red bandana on her head. She looked like a bandit queen. She should carry a sword.

The first person to call in asked the most boring and mindless question,
“What do you hope for in a Malaysian Idol?”

Look, we all know what they were hoping for, okay? Someone who could sell CDs and bring in fat profits to the TV show and the record company. This is a freaking business, dummy!

We were told that the girls Atilia, Sassy Groove Mama, and Farah shared a room. The producers made them share 3 to a room? Cheapskates.

Paul Moss then smiled into the camera. I wish he wouldn’t do that. He looked better without smiling. I reached for the bucket but didn’t puke.

One caller said that she watched the show because of Paul Moss. I reached for the bucket again. But mercifully my self control was good.

Oh yeah, somebody asked about Lee Kar Wei. Paul said that Kar Wei didn’t measure up in terms of originality and style. He said that Kar Wei was already singing at 95 % of her capability, and there was not much more she could improve. That was a most idiotic thing to say.

Kar Wei is only 17 years old. How could it be possible to reach 95% at 17 years of age? Don’t fucking talk to me about figures, Paul, coz I’m better at it now than you could ever be in another 50 years!

The man was so full of shit that he needed a sewerage truck all to himself last night!

Did you guys hear Cheryl Samad say “Hallo”? It sounded more like “Halleaou.” If this is a whole new game, then I want in. Yeah, I’ll also be coining my own words from now on. Just for this show.

Fat kampung Rocker was there. He looked neater, and was still as entertaining as before.

Oh, you may have noticed that I got the Haloscan commenting system now. The previous Blogger commenting system was driving me nuts. Almost half of the visitors signed in as “Anonymous”. And I couldn’t tell one anonymous from another. If you wish to leave a comment and support your favourite singer, you may do so. But please use a nick(name) instead of being “Anonymous”. We don't want to be more confused than we already are, do we?

On another note, this site is now the top search result for Malaysian Idol on MSN Search. Whoa! Steady, man!