Monday, August 01, 2005

Spectacular 1 – Results

On being asked to predict the results of Spectacular 1, the judges’ predictions on the ones to exit were:

Roslan: Ash and Ejay.
Kak Jee: Ash and Ejay.
Paul: Ash, Ejay, Trish, Xerra and Atilia.

Of course, my prediction was it will be Ejay but won’t be Ash.

The results were: Trish and Atilia won’t be going on to the next round. Damn, I was only half right.

The reaction of the judges?

Roslan said, “I want Malaysians to wake up!”
Kak Jee said, “What happened?”
Paul seemed less shocked.

Both Atilia and Trish have strong voices. They don’t look that great, being too heavy looking, but they sing great. With their exit, I can predict with a 60% certainty that the next Malaysian Idol will be Nita. The others are not consistent nor capable enough to give a good enough fight.

Let’s go down the list:

Ash: Does not have a great performance to date.
Adam: Can only sing in one language
Azam: Can only sing in one language
Baby Faced Elf: Diction problems
Fat kampong Rocker: Can only sing in on language, and also only rock songs.
Farah: Versatile, performs great, but not very consistent yet.
Anorexic Pink Haired Girl: Does not have a great performance to date.
Ejay: Diction problems

Looks like the only competition to Giraffe Genes will be provided by Farah. It is important that a singer in Malaysian Idol be able to sing in two languages. Otherwise the votes are not going to come in. Malaysian Idol has a more international image than the other local reality shows and fans expect some international flavour.

Why wasn’t Ash and Ejay voted out? I think it was because of the Panic factor as well as the Rebel factor.

Panic factor: Both ash and Ejay’s fans voted in overdrive because they thought that these two were on their way out.

Rebel factor: People voted for Ash because Roslan said Ash shouldn’t be here. We saw the same thing happen during American Idol when Simon Cowell said that Scott Savol should just pack his bags and get ready to go. People are perverse. They like to prove a judge wrong.

On another note, I just wrote a new story on a character called Swordsman Wu. It will be one of the best short stories I have ever written. Go and read it in my other blog and leave your opinion on what you think about the story. Thanks.