Saturday, July 30, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 - The Spectaculars 1

The spectaculars started with a bump. It was pretty boring actually. The characters were flat except for Fat Kampung Rocker. Last year, I remembered that Jac stamped her superiority on the show from the first day. This time, there wuz nobody outstanding yet.

There was a guest judge, Nora, whom I didn’t find particularly interesting in her comments. Most of the time it was a case of “Dunno say wut”. She must have caught Fauziah Latiff’s disease.

Okay, here’s the roundup.

Atilia : Sang a fast number. The voice was okay. But she looked like a Frumpy Housewife trying to be a singer. She just couldn’t groove.
Roslan said “Menakutkan.”
Kak Jee said, “Colour and cutting is important.” Yes she said that!
Nora – Dunno say what.
Paul said, “Can do so much better.”

Ash : Not so good. I didn’t know what he was singing about.
Roslan said “Tiada suara rock. Tak elok.”
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora – Dunno say what.
Paul said, “Must have bought a ‘Rockstar for Dummies’ book. If all things were equal, you should be out after this.”

Azam : Better than his last performance, but still boring for me.
Roslan said “No regrets in choosing you.”
Kak Jee said, “Boleh tahan.”
Nora said, “Suka style awak.”
Paul said, “Not bad.”

Trish : Good try. But I wasn’t blown away. Sassy Groove Mama didn’t use her full capacity.
Roslan didn’t like her clothes. (White suit)
Kak Jee said, “Put more attitude.”
Nora said, “Memang bagus.”
Paul said, “Total rubbish.Boring and dumb.”

Adam : He was almost seductive. And he looked directly at the TV cameras. The crowd loved it.
Roslan said, “Tiada appeal.”
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Character jantan sikit.” Goodness. You mean that everybody knows that he’s unmanly?
Paul said, “Had a cheeky element. Not bad.”

Farah : The beginning was pitchy and out of tune. She got better at the end.
Roslan said, “Okay, tapi tak cukup.”
At this stage, Paul started to disagree with Roslan by saying, “How could she do more than that for the last 30 seconds?” That was pretty rude of Paul to jump in when he should have waited his turn. Didn’t his teacher taught him the golden rule?
What an idiot! Oooops. That wasn’t appropriate. I should say, “What a fucking idiot!”
That’s better. Heaps.
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Semua ada. Lebih ‘feel’ lagi.”
When it came to Paul’s turn again, the idiot said, “Beginning a bit dodgy……pitching……..middle to end, okay.”

Ejay : I liked it moderately. The diction is totally out though.
Roslan said, “Saya tak paham apa you nyanyi.” The problem with Roslan is that you have to sing very very slowly to make him understand anything.
Kak Jee said, “Groove must be there.”
Nora said, “Pronunciation needs improvement.”
Paul said, “Mumbling bumbling out of tune.”

Faizull : I enjoyed it. But I found Fat Kampung Rocker’s half-crouching position to be a bit of a put-off. His dancing was rather rural.
Roslan said, “Tolong jangan buat ice skating macam ini.” He was referring to one of Faizull’s dance movements, which was a bit odd.
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Ada semangat, memang rock.” I think Nora is here to make polite noises only.
Paul said, “Too old school.”
Then there was the discussion with emcees Jien and Cheryl whether Faizull could do songs other than rock. I doubt it.

Daniel : I love it. There were diction problems in the singing, but the singing was easy to listen to. Wasn’t one of Baby Face Elf’s best efforts. But should be enough to make it through.
Roslan said, “…..mumbling.”
Kak Jee : Dunno say wut
Nora said, “Sedap di dengar.”
Paul said, “Very lame. Put me to sleep.”

Xerra : Aneroxic Pink Hair Girl has hair, which used to be red, but now has turned to pink. Enjoyed her singing. The dancing was better tthan most of the others but still not quite polished yet.
Roslan said, “Awak pandai.”
Kak Jee said, “Good attitude” or something. Dunno wut.
Nora said, “Okay lah.” Still polite.
Paul said, “…didn’t sing from the soul.”

Nita : Okay, polished. But I wasn’t blown away. Giraffe Genes could have done better.
Roslan : Dunno say wut
Kak Jee said, “You’ve got the style.”
Nora said, “Tinggi orang nya.”
Paul said, “Boring.”

There were no outstanding performances. Compare that to the last year’s opening Spectaculars when Jac stamped her superiority on the show with her singing. It was a Malay song, but I can’t remember what. Just from that song alone, I knew she was going to beat the other ten.

This time around, I think it will be a battle between Sassy Groove Mama and Giraffe Genes.

Who will be out in this round? Can’t tell yet. Most likely Ejay.

Will Ash be out? I don’t think so. There are voters who don’t like the judges, and will vote opposite to what the judges recommend. Those votes are most likely to flow to Ash. May just be enough to keep him till the next round.

Who am I voting? Haven’t made up my mind yet. Sassy Groove Mama and Giraffe Genes? Aneroxic Pink Hair Girl and Frumpy Housewife? I dunno yet.