Monday, August 22, 2005

Spectaculars 4 – results

The last seven are about to become the last six.

The judges were asked about their impressions on Friday’s performance.
Roslan: “Everybody okay except Faizull.”
Kak Jee: “Same. All okay except Faizull.”
Paul: “Nobody okay, except Nita and Daniel.”

It is weird to find Paul coming to the same conclusion as I did.

I had voted for Nita and Daniel based on their performances.

At the last minute, just before voting closed, I voted for Farah as well.

Now for the forecast by the judges. Who will be out?

Roslan: “Faizull.”
Kak Jee: “Ash and Faizull.”
Paul: “The girls are splitting the votes between them. Nita, Farah and Xerra will be in the lowest three.”

Paul is getting prophetic. Nita, Farah and Xerra turned out to be the three with the lowest votes.

And leaving the show is …………….Xerra.

She sang her song as the show ended, and she announced, “For Paul”.

On Friday, Paul said that we would hear that song again on Sunday as she leaves. That was so on target. Among the 3 judges, Paul has proven to be more spot-on than the rest. He’s not as retarded as he looks.