Friday, August 12, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 – Spectaculars 3

The guest judge tonight was Anuar Zain. And the theme is R&B

Faizull- Appeared in dreadlocks. The singing was pitchy all the way. R&B is not his thing. Judges comments:
Roslan: “Unik, tapi tak sedap.”
KJ: You lok good….yadda yadda….good try.”
Paul: “…typical kampung rock star”

Ash – He sang okay, but I wasn’t blown away.
Roslan: “Saya suka.”
KJ: “Bagus.”
Anuar: “I like it.”
Paul: “I see a merchant banker who’s riding his luck.“

Adam – We were told that he is good friends with Nita and Azam. “Nita, you’re my kakak,” he said. I bet Nita says the same thing to him. There’s nothing different in his songs from one week to the next.
Roslan: “Baik.”
KJ: “Suka sangat.”
Anuar: “Bagus.”
Paul: Actually, I can’t remember what Paul tried to say. Something about the cheeky side of Adam which we never get to see. Although it sounded like Paul would like to see a monkey on stage or something to that effect.

Farah - She still looked amateurish, but for the first time, I felt goose pimples. The crowd loved her performance.
Roslan: “Tiada complaint.”
KJ: “Lebihkan lagi. Be yourself.” (That’s an oxymoron)
Anuar: “You’re ready to buat album sendiri.”
Paul: “No real re-interpretation. Didn’t like it that much.”

Ejay – This week, her performance borders on the sassy. She did not impress me though. But of course, the Sabahans will be rooting for her.
Roslan: “Saya tak faham macam mana you dapat vote.” (Meaning that the guy does not understand things like the telephone and SMS.)
KJ: “Hari ini bagus.”
Anuar: “Last week was better than this week. The low register was shaky.”
Paul: “I don’t know who’s been voting for you but I don’t think they will be voting for you this week.”
Actually, her family’s been voting for her and yes, they will be voting for her again this week. Will somebody please explain this to Paul? Slowly….and in simple language. Thank you.

Daniel - Frankly, I don’t know what he was singing, and I probably only recognise 10 words out of the whole song.
Roslan: “Hanya boleh nyanyi lagu yang senang.”
KJ: Dunno say what.
Anuar: “R & B susah untuk you.”
Paul: “Your worst performance ever. That was terrible.”

Nita – Giraffe Genes looked smashing in her dress. Great delivery. One of the better performances of the evening. Boring in some parts though. She has not been improving over the weeks. Maybe she has peaked.
Roslan: “Baik.”
KJ: “Bagus.”
Anuar: “You got star value.”
Paul: “Could have been great, but it wasn’t.”

Xerra – Anorexic Pink-haired Girl could certainly move on stage. She was more energetic tonight than previously. I think she specially ate an extra bowl of rice for the performance. Her low notes were a delight to hear. But her high notes were lame.
Roslan: “Tak sedap langsung.”
KJ: “Sempurna.”
Anuar: “You’re ready. Buat album cepat cepat.”
Paul: “It was more style over substance. But it was good.”

My votes this week go to Farah again. If I am in a generous mood, I may even give some votes to Xerra and Nita.