Saturday, August 20, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 - Spectaculars 4

Tonight the theme was local songwriters.

The guest judge was non other than Izham, the big shot of 8TV. He looks a bit of a nerd to me, although he talks confidently.

Here are the comments:-

Nita - I thought she was pitchy, and somewhat lacking in power.
Roslan: "You sang like the beauty you are."
Kak Jee: "Very stunning. Lebih lagi. Menjiwa lagi."
Izham: "Some pitchy probelms. But crossing over to become a star."
Paul:"You sing naturally with emotion. It could have been more intense. Not bad."

Adam - Did a lot of prancing on stagelike a school girl before puberty. I did not like the scruffy dressing .Sang OK as usual. But boring.
Roslan: "Seronok. I enjoy."
Kak Jee: "Good one."
Izham: "You are an entertainer."
Paul:"It could not have been more feminine if a girl had sung it. Didn't like it. The key was too low for you."

Ash - I wasn't impressed.
Roslan: "Good effort."
Kak Jee: "Steady." (But I could tell she was being polite.)
Izham: "You are a normal singer. Not a star."
Paul:"Generally weak. Patchy and pitchy"

Daniel - I thought he sang well. In fact, he should sing Malay songs instead of English songs.
Roslan: "Saya suka."
Kak Jee: "Semua ada. Very good"
Izham: "You should sing this type of songs." (My sentiments exactly.)
Paul:"You did it really well"

Faizull - fat Kampung Rocker sang like someone with a bad second hand karaoke set.It wa horrible. In the end, he cried becaus he felt the song too much. Clearly, that was a loss of control.
Roslan: "Boring."
Kak Jee: "apa jadi? Halfway through, you lost it!"
Izham: "Concentrat and deliver!."
Paul:"I know that is not you!" (Paul thinks it is an alien cricket singing in his place.)

Farah - She sang from a seated position most of the time. I wasn't impressed. A seated position does not allow one to bring out the lungs fully into play.
Roslan: Thinks she should pick songs that are more suitable.
Kak Jee: "Flow must be suitable."
Izham: "If I have a record company, I will sign you up straitaway." (Huh?)
Paul:"It was weird!"

Xerra - It was sweet. The crowd loved it.
Roslan: "Bagus."
Kak Jee: "Bagus."
Izham: "Your high is not too high."
Paul: I think he said something about the possibility of Xerra leaving this Sunday. I did not quite catch it though.

I have not quite made up my mind on who to give my votes to.

One other thing: Cheryl talks fast. Like a train without brakes. She must be auditioning for a part in the "Gilmore Girls".

* Sunday update *
I caught the show again on Sunday on TV3 (because I did not feel like going out in the balmy weather,) and this time I listened to the 7 contestants with my eyes closed. Just wanted to know which contestant could get me to sleep. Since my eyes were already closed, I figured that I have already done half the work for them.

and my conclusions?

The best two vocals were performed by the Baby-faced Elf Daniel and Giraffe Genes Nita. Nita had the disadvantage of being the first singer, so I factored that little factoid in.

The worst two? Ash and Fat Kampung Rocker.