Saturday, September 10, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 - Spectaculars 7

Tonight, the guest judge was Awie. Now he was really giving good comments, and not trying to appear to be polite. Kak Jee looked stunning, seated among 3 guys.

All the finalists sang in both English and Bahasa except Faizull. He’s appearing more and more one-dimensional day by day.

I didn’t think his performance today was that great. The same problems of diction were still there. However, he always comes to the stage as if he is having fun. Like boy band material. Awie told him to “buka mulut”. This guest judge does not mince words, does he?

Tonight was not great for her. She’s having an off-day so close to the final stretch. Great voice but it’s like her confidence has taken a shaking. Paul even said, “I think it’ too late for you.” Farah is inconsistent in her performance within the same song. Some parts are promising, some parts are a letdown. I hope she makes it through this round.

Two words; “screechy” and “scratchy”. This guy is clearly a niche singer. Meaning Bahasa rock only. Like Paul said, he is in danger of becoming a national joke. Mercifully, tonight he did not try to sing in English. One-dimensional screecher, that’s him.

For the first time, her song in Bahasa was good. The English song(‘Hand in my pocket’) was safe, ordinary and boring. It does look like she’s staying the course. Her biggest problem will be to try to sing in tune. Kak Jee said, “You’re back.”

Frankly, I think this is a pretty weak field. Farah and Nita are not even in the same league as Nikki of last season. I won’t compare Daniel and Faizull to last year’s guys because last year’s guys were not that hot either.

But that’s not the point. If we are interested in taking part in the voting, then we will have to choose among the four. If we do not take part in the voting, and then we gripe about how other people voted, that would be really really pathetic.

Sure, voting costs money. But this is a business. Buying CDs also costs money. The logic behind the multiple voting system is that the fan who is ready to spend good money on voting is also the type to spend on CDs. A one-man one-vote democratic system will kill the business. This isn’t about catering to the rights of the common man. It’s about catering to the rights of the people who can spend, geddit? This is a business first and last. It’s a tough world. And then you die. The system has its drawbacks, but it generally works.