Sunday, August 28, 2005

Spectacular 5 - results

The judges were asked on their opinion on last Friday's rock performance.

Paul said that "Ash was half-good, Farah was okay, and Daniel was Daniel. The rest was a flop."
Amazing! Same conclusion as what I blogged. But I get nervous when Paul agrees with my observations. It makes me doubt the independance of my thinking.

Predictions....who will be out?

Roslan: "Adam or Nita."
Kak Jee: "Adam, Nita or Ash."
Paul: "It's gotta be Adam or Nita."

The six cointestants were divided into two groups; the feminine group of Adam, Nita and Farah, and the masculine group of Ash, Baby-faced Elf Daniel and Fat Kampung Rocker. How do you like that, voting by sexual characteristics? The most idiotic way to vote, if you ask me.

And the voters have decided that the bottom three would be the feminine group.

Farah was called to step forward. You could see the air expelling from her lungs when it was announced that she was safe.

Leaving us tonight is......Adam.

Adam was tearful. It does not matter who leaves, he would still have cried. He broke down a bit as he thanked the judges for their comments.

So now that leaves five.