Friday, September 02, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 – Spectaculars 6

Tonight, the theme was classic songs. Each contestant had to sing two songs, one in English and one in Bahasa. And the guest judge is Sharifah Aini. Kak Jee was absent because she was not feeling well, we were told. Is it that awkward time of the month already?

Okay, the first song.

Faizull came on and sang, “I feel good”. It was a disaster. I heard, “I feel nai, sugar and spy.” Instead of “I feel nice, sugar and spice”.
Roslan: “Can sing malay rock only. Lain hancur”
Sharifah: “I think you’re good.”
Paul: “Like a robot singing. Didn’t work.”

Farah came next and sang Getaran Jiwa. It was like she sang it withut warming up her voice.
Roslan: “Tiada keistimewaan.”
Sharifah: “Concentrate on pitching.”
Paul: “Pitchy, unconvincing”

Daniel sang Save The Last Dance for me. Teruk nya. I didn’t hear the words he was singing. But he has a great stage personality.
Roslan: “Saya suka.”
Sharifah: “Overall you did well.”
Paul: “That song is way too old for you.”

Nitya came next. She sang okay, but it was boring. I almost slept.
Roslan: “Disappointed”
Sharifah: Can’t remember what she said. But she’s seldom critical.
Paul: “Boring, pitchy, insipid.”

Ash sang an English song which I have not heard before. I think it worked for him.
Roslan: “You have improved”
Sharifah: “You impressed me”
Paul: “Didn’t work.”

After that, the contestants presented their second song.

Faizull sang a malay classic. I didn’t think he nailed it as his voice is not suitable for classis. But it was better than his first song.
Roslan: No comments
Sharifah: “Good try”
Paul: “Vocals lack intensity.”

Farah sang “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” It was good. She has the best voice o the whole bunch with clear diction.
Roslan: “Bagus”
Sharifah: “Use the stage well”
Paul: “You’re too young, too sweet, too nice for that song.”
Daniel sang a malay song next, which I thought was a lot better than his first song. He does better with malay songs than english songs.
Roslan: “Saya suka.”
Sharifah: “Very good.”
Paul: “That was beautiful”

Nita sang “Hey big spender”. It was good but lacked the great power in the vocals to be able to carry it off as a cabaret singer.
Roslan: “Muka cantik, badan cantik, nyanyi cantik”
Beats me how that botak blind bat can call it ‘badan cantik’ when her figure is straight like a pencil. Every week I try to spot where her tits are with great effort.
Sharifah: “Fantastic”
Paul: “I loved that.”

Ash sang a malay song next and it sounded mechanical to me. It was like he did not understand what he was singing.
Roslan: “Awful”
Sharifah: “You must know that singing is about conviction”
Paul: “While you were singing, the audience was talking.”