Monday, September 05, 2005

Spectaculars 6 - Results

Kak Jee was back in tonight’s show. So I guess that her period, or whatever that was troubling her, had disappeared. It's all very mysterious. She looked kind of girlish and radiant tonight. Maybe it’s the hairstyle.

What did the judges thought of Friday’s performance?

Roslan liked Daniel’s malay song. Personally, I think that one is good enough to be recorded. Kak Jee liked Nita’s “Hey Big Spender”. And Paul liked both second songs of Daniel and Nita.

Then the judges gave their predictions.

Roslan felt that Faizull should be out this round because the competition was doing him more harm than good. Faizull has not been able to improve on his versatility so far, being able to handle only malay rock. Compare that with rocker Bo Bice or Constantine of American Idol who had much wider ranges.

Kak Jee thought that it would be either Faizull or Ash.

Paul was worried for Farah, because even if she sang okay, she would still be in the bottom group.

Jien and Cheryl announced the results. The two top vote-getters were Giraffe Genes and Baby-faced Elf. Ah, finally Malaysians voted based on performance!

The bottom three were Farah(as usual), Ash and Fat Kampung Rocker.

Farah was then told that she was safe. She seemed a bit lost after the announcement. She said something to Ash, and shook his hand. Maybe she sensed that Ash would be going off the show. It took her awhile to join Daniel and Nita on the bench.

Ash and Fat Kampung Rocker stood together arm in arm. Both of them had been rather chummy throughout the whole competition. Just like Adam was chummy with Nita.

And leaving us after this round is……….Ash.