Saturday, September 24, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 – Results of Finals

And the next Malaysian Idol is …DANIEL!

Of course, I wasn’t surprised since I had already predicted he would win. He got 68% of the votes I think(1.2 million votes). The teenybopper brigade of girls were passionate in their support. I know I called him Baby-faced Elf, and Giraffe Genes called him the “King of Falsetto”, but the under-fifteen girls love him. The total number of votes this year for the WHOLE season has increased from 5 million to 6 million votes.

For the Results show, I liked the outfit that Cheryl wore…low cut jeans with a white shirt. Kak Jee wore something that totally defies decent description. I remember that my mum used to do patchwork with coloured pieces of unwanted cloth cuttings. The result was a multicoloured item similar to what Kak Jee wore. I’m going to have to ask mum if she gave that indescribable piece to any singing judge lately.

Did you see Trish come out to sing a number and then her blouse sort of slipped over her left shoulder and she had to quickly yank it back in place before her left tit fell out? The shocked expression on her face was priceless!

Whatever Daniel does after this, I hope he does not record “Mimpi”. That song should be shelved and forgotten like a bad memory. You people heard the song and you know what I mean.

I made a bet with Hot Babe. She said that Nita would win and I betted on Daniel. The winner gets a lunch from the loser tomorrow. Muahahahah! I gotta find a good and expensive place to eat tomorrow! Yeah! But knowing Hot Babe, she would want me to spend her a movie later. I should have betted BOTH lunch and movie.