Monday, September 19, 2005

Spectaculars 8 - Results

On Sunday, when Daniel, Farah and Nita stood there, I noticed one thing; none of the three had black hair.

The judges were asked about their predictions.

Roslan and Kak Jee predictied that Daniel would be out.

Paul predicted that Farah would be out.

Only Paul was accurate.

Roslan and Kak Jee have been wrong so many times in the past that I wonder if they are in touch with the music audience. Daniel took the highest number of votes, leaving Nita and Farah to fight it out. When the results were announced, Farah lost, but did not seemed too upset.

Oh, this time there was no voting preview. I wonder why.

Farah has a better chance of finding commercial CD success than Nita later. Her voice quality is better and her pitching problems are not so pronounced. If she were to record in a studio, most of the other faults can be ironed out. But she does have a sort of dumb bimbo look. And unlike Nita, she does not do so well on stage.

Why does Daniel have so many votes? Simple. Each time the judges, especially Roslan, said something unflattering about Daniel, the people voted for him in reaction. It’s like they are voting against Roslan. Daniel’s rendition of Oooo Lah Lah last Friday wasn’t bad. It looked very spontaneous and it reminded me of Dina’s “Hit Em Up Style” last year. It was thus a surprise to me that he attracted that kind of bad comments from the judges. And of course, the listeners rebelled and voted for Baby faced Elf.

I did not vote last week because I could not decide among those three. The situation this year was not like last year when Jac was a clear winner halfway in the competition.

Who will win in Genting? I think Daniel has more fans than Nita. But Farah’s fans are more likely to migrate to Nita than Daniel. It’s going to be a tough call.