Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cannot decide betul

It’s 7:30 p.m. and I’m still undecided whom to vote for. If you have been following my postings, you would know that I was a Farah supporter. I had been only lukewarm to both Nita and Daniel for the last two months. During last night’s finals, neither Daniel nor Nita blew away each other to allow me to make an easy decision.

A number of you people implied that the song “Mimpi” sucked. It sucked big time ass! Tuneless and unworthy, that’s what I think. My vacuum cleaner sucks too, but at least its ten times more tuneful. The composers must have been doing a rushed job. What I want to know is whether the composers were appointed only at the very last moment only.

I’m going to have to remove hate comments from the comment board. Even those that sound remotely hateful. And also anonymous comments. Hey! Everybody has to use a nick, okay? Otherwise it gets really confusing. So please don’t give me more work that I wish to do. Not on a weekend.

I turned to both TV3 and 8TV yesterday to compare broadcasts. The broadcast over TV3 was much louder than on 8TV. Don’t know why Paul was making such a big fuss over the cameraman and Daniel. Everything looked okay on my 29 inch TV. Kak Jee had to persuade Paul to return to serious business. Whoever loses this one will still get a recording contract. Is it my imagination, or are last year’s contestants Jamil and Rydee an item now? They appeared together lurvy durvy last night.

Back to Daniel and Nita. I still can’t decide. Well, maybe not to decide is to decide.