Saturday, May 28, 2005

Malaysian Idol Season 2 - Kuching Auditions

I know, I know. I’m a sucker for Malaysian Idol. And season 2 just opened. It wouldn’t be right if I don’t blog this.

I just saw the Malaysian Idol auditions in Kuching on TV. It did not appear to be that impressive.

The host, Jien is still around, but we have anew co-host in Cheryl. Cheryl seems comfortable enough in her role.

A word about the judges:
Roslan was his uncouth self as usual. You would think that after one year, his mannerisms would have improved. But no, it didn’t. The TV network couldn’t afford to hire a behaviourologist to work on him or what?
Jee was her composed self as usual. Soft and serious, she was. And she still looks classy.
Paul was acting like an impatient judgemental asshole. Yup, same as before. Some things never change.

The contestants were a nervous batch. I haven’t had my hearing assaulted like this since……since the last MI auditions. I’ll say it again: some things never change.

I wished somebody would sing something really different.
Like the one on “When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hair.”

Still, it was cute to hear one of the contestants address the judges as “Honourable judges”. Now, that sure was weird. Not that I think the judges are not honourable. I’m sure they are honourable when they are not being dishonourable.

But still, please don’t say that kind of shit in an audition, all right? Oh, the guy sang the song, “She will be loved”. It wasn’t loved by the judges. It’s sayonara, kemosabe.

Didn’t seem to have many decent singers. The judges were scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I think they’re gonna get desperate real soon.

There was a brief period when Roslan and Paul were arguing over underground rock. Are they going to come to blows? Come on, come on. No, they are not. Fuck.

Almost creamed in my pants when I heard Paul said later:
“I’m going soft in my old age….I’ll say yes.”

Don’t worry, Paul. Every male goes soft in their old age.
That’s the reason why Viagra was invented.