Sunday, January 08, 2006

Malaysian Idol TV rerun

Watching the rerun of last year’s Malaysian Idol results show over 8TV tonight, I realized that there was only one good song delivery that met my finicky standards. Finicky standards? I mean, hell, if I was to glue myself to the TV watching somebody sing, then it had better be awesome. Fortunately, Daniel’s delivery of “Angin Malam” saved the show for me. That’s saying a lot since I am not a fan of Daniel.

Notice that I have not been posting much over in this blog since the end of the show? Well, I have discovered that there is indeed life after death. Look, if your life has not rebooted since the end of the show, then maybe you may want to do something drastic.

Or you could head over to my main blog and read more educational shit. Your life will never be quite the same after that, but that does not imply that it won't be an improvement.